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Gestation is an important phase in the life of an animal, as the transformations that take place affect not only the reproductive system, but also the whole organism of the pregnant animal. Inadequate nutrition of the female in this phase can impair the growth of the offspring. There is a lack of information in current feeding systems regarding the nutritional demands of pregnant goats. The aim of this study is to develop representative dynamic empirical models to predict the protein and energy requirements of pregnant goats. The database to be used to develop the models is from data generated in Project FAPESP 2009/10125-0, 2007/58239-8 and 2006/60480-2, which involve development of the fetus and pregnancy products, as well as nutritional requirements of pregnant goats. The sandwich internship will be undertaken at the Centre for Nutrition Modelling at University of Guelph, Canada under the supervision of Professor James France. Professor France is internationally recognized for its expertise in Biomathematics in Animal Nutrition. Thus the candidate for the internship will have the opportunity to learn to develop mathematical models relating to ruminant nutrition and will bring new knowledge on pregnant dairy goats to share with his research group. (AU)

1 result(s)
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