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    Brazil in regional and global history

    Principal Investigator:

    Maria Hermínia Brandão Tavares de Almeida


    Home Research Institution: Instituto de Relações Internacionais (IRI). Universidade de São Paulo (USP). São Paulo, SP, Brazil
    Visiting researcher: Leslie Michael Bethell
    Visiting researcher institution: King's College London, England
    Field of knowledge:Humanities - Political Science
    Support type:Research Awards - Visiting Researcher Grant - International
    Grant number: 12/10358-7
    Duration: October 08, 2012 - December 05, 2012
    My principal research project in the second semester of 2012 will be to advance the two chapters on Brazil in the Cold War (1945-64, 1964-1989) for my projected book on Brazil in regional and global history. I will be building on what I have written already - my chapter on Brazil in Leslie Bethell & Ian Roxborough, Latin America between the Second World War and the Cold War, 1944-1948, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992; Portuguese trans., São Paulo, Editora Paz e Terra, 1996, and my chapters on Politics in Brazil under the Liberal Republic 1945 - 1964 and (with Celso Castro) Politics in Brazil under military rule 1964 - 1985 in the Cambridge History of Latin America Vol. VIII, Brazil since 1930 Cambridge. (AU)

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