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Research Supported by FAPESP (BV-FAPESP)


BV-FAPESP is a primary information source or an electronic information resource available on the Internet ( aimed at the dissemination of summary and standardized information on research grants and scholarships awarded by the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP).


Through its public interfaces in Portuguese and English, BV-FAPESP information system displays data for the dissemination of the following primary information, i.e., those presented as they were submitted by their researchers, such as: Principal investigator and awardee, project title and abstract; these are complemented on the BV records by standardized identifying information on the projects approved by FAPESP.


The following value-added products are also available at BV-FAPESP: investigators and awardees of research projects; maps and graphs concerning the support provided by FAPESP; national and international cooperation agreements for the development of FAPESP research grants and scholarships; home research institutions; scientific and academic publications resulting from research projects; subjects; FAPESP classification schemes.


BV-FAPESP is an institutional tool that contributes to ensure citizens the right of access to the standardized information on research grants and scholarships under the Foundation responsibility, in all areas of knowledge, and to enable the exchange of standardized data relating to these research projects with other academic information systems. The technical work is carried out through modern resources of Information and Communications Technology as well as according to international rules and standards of information management for the contents organization in digital media.


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Board of Trustees

President: José Goldemberg

Vice-President: Eduardo Moacyr Krieger

Carmino Antonio de Souza

Fernando Ferreira Costa

João Fernando Gomes de Oliveira 

João Grandino Rodas

José de Souza Martins

Marilza Vieira Cunha Rudge

Pedro Luiz Barreiros Passos

Pedro Wongtschowski

Suely Vilela

Vanderlan da Silva Bolzani


Executive Board 

Chief Executive: Carlos Américo Pacheco
Administrative Director: Fernando Menezes de Almeida
Scientífic Director:  Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz 


FAPESP Communication Area Management

Manager:  Maria da Graça Mascarenhas

Documentation and Information Center

Technical Administrative Supervisory Manager:  Thais Fernandes de Morais

Research Supported by FAPESP (BV-FAPESP)

Coordinator: Rosaly Favero Krzyzanowski
Librarians: Fabiana Andrade Pereira; Paula Harumi Kumagai Hashimoto;
Inês Maria de Morais Imperatriz; Juliana Calherani; Carla Andrea Ayres
Systems Manager: Robson Koji Moriya
Systems Analyst: Lucas Vido

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