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São Paulo Excellence Chair (SPEC)

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*Updated in August 29, 2015

FAPESP São Paulo Excellence Chair (SPEC), in experimental stage, aims at providing the coming of top notch scientists from abroad to create research nuclei in São Paulo universities. The projects are developed under the responsibility of a Principal Investigator, associated with higher education or research institutions in the State of São Paulo. The selection is through a peer-reviewing system. 

Ongoing research grants (most recent)

  • Global Sustainable Bioenergy initiative: geospatial & environmental analysis of pastureland intensification for bioenergy, AP.SPEC

    Global Sustainable Bioenergy initiative: geospa...

    A research project is proposed focused on global-scale geospatial analysis relevant to bioenergy. This 3-year thematic project, conceived as a contribution to the Global Sustainable Bioenergy initiative, is structured into three tasks with objectives corresponding to targeted papers with tentative titles as follows:Task I. Potential for Pasture Intensification Subsequent Energy Crop Pr...

  • Innovation systems, strategies and policies, AP.SPEC

    Innovation systems, strategies and policies

    This is a proposal to undertake world-class research in innovation systems, strategies and policies with the intention of building up a sustainable research unit between the PI, the co-PIs, the AIs, doctoral students, and international visiting scholars in this field using the expertise and the combined global research networks of the PI and co-PIs. The main purpose is to enhance DPCT’s...

  • Connexin and pannexin channels as drug targets and biomarkers in acute and chronic liver disease, AP.SPEC

    Connexin and pannexin channels as drug targets ...

    Although being in its infancy and surrounded by controversy, it is now believed that connexin (Cx) hemichannels and pannexin (Panx) channels act as pathological pores that connect the cytoplasm of cells with the extracellular environment and which facilit (AU)

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