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*Updated in April 22, 2017

Thematic Grants support research to be developed under the responsibility of a Principal Investigator, associated with higher education or research institutions in the State of São Paulo. The maximum duration of a Thematic Grant is 5 years and selection is through a peer-reviewing system.

Ongoing research grants (most recent)

  • The influence of mitogen activated protein kinases (MAPK) on the expression of genetic determinants important for Aspergillus fumigatus virulence, AP.TEM


    MAP kinases and phosphatases are the main signaling pathways of tolerance to different kinds of stresses in eukaryotes. The multifactorial nature of A. fumigatus virulence and pathogenicity program in the mammalian host places the response to different kinds of stresses as one of the most important responses in the process of establishment of this organism as a pathogen. These signaling...

  • Scientific bases for residual malaria elimination in the Brazilian Amazon, AP.TEM


    With 143,910 laboratory-confirmed cases and 41 malaria-related deaths in 2014, Brazil has now the lowest malaria burden in 35 years, with transmission virtually limited to the Amazon Basin. Accordingly, the Ministry of Health of Brazil has launched, in November 2015, the Malaria Elimination Plan, with the short-term goal of interrupting Plasmodium falciparum transmission countrywide ove...

  • MINA study - materno-infantil no Acre: birth cohort in the Western Brazilian Amazon, AP.TEM


    This research line integrates a program of epidemiological surveys on maternal and child health and nutrition in the city of Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre state, Western Brazilian Amazon. This is the first birth cohort study in a malaria endemic area - Materno-INfantil no Acre (MINA Study). The central hypothesis is focused on the relations among socioeconomic, intergenerational, and child nutr...

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Completed research grants (most recent)

  • Cluster randomised controlled trial for late life depression in socioeconomically deprived areas of São Paulo, Brazil, AP.TEM


    This proposal aims to estimate to what extent adding to usual care a psychosocial, community-based intervention managed mostly delivered by nurse assistants (NA) and integrated within the existing primary care system improves depression recovery rates and functioning among depressed older adults from poor socioeconomic background in São Paulo, Brazil. This will be a two-arm cluster rand...

  • 50 years of feminism (1965-2015): new paradigms, future challenges, AP.TEM


    PROJECT SUMMARY*Clarification to FAPESP regarding the Project review*Research presentation and justification*State of art of the Gender Studies - the known and the gaps*Dictatorship times*Democratic times*Research objectives*Methodological procedures *Expected results*References*Clarification to FAPESP regarding the Project review '50 years of feminism (1965-2015): New paradigms, future...

  • Price discovery in high-dimensional arbitrage portfolios, AP.TEM


    This research project aims to extend the standard methodology for price discovery to tackle more general arbitrage situations in which the underlying assets trade at different markets and/or platforms. Hasbrouck's (1995) information share measure is problematic because, in the presence of contemporaneous correlation between the innovations, it depends heavily on the ordering we attribu...

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Completed scholarships in Brazil (most recent)

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Ongoing research grants ( A ) (most recent)

  • Global dynamical aspects of Abel equations of the third kind, AV.EXT


    This project belongs to the study of quadratic differential systems on the plane. There are more than one thousand papers published in quadratic polynomial differential systems (or simply quadratic systems). The difficulty of studying these differential systems is due to the fact that they depend on twelve parameters. Nowadays there are still many open questions regarding quadratic syst...

  • Heine-Stieltjes theory and electrostatics, AV.EXT


    The principal topics of the present project are the Heine-Stieltjes theory concerning the Lamé differential equations and its applications to electrostatics. Problems about analysis of Lamé's equation, as well as questions about the existence and uniqueness of an equilibrium of electrostatics fields of a rather involved nature that obey the law of the logarithmic potential will be stud...

  • SIAM conference on applications of dynamical systems, AR.EXT
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Completed research grants ( A ) (most recent)

  • Polynomial integro-differential operators and their representations, AV.EXT


    We are planning to study indecomposable representations of algebras of polynomial integro-differential operators of many variables. This will generalize our previous work. Besides, we will study the extensions of modules over these algebras. (AU)

  • Stability of a class of scalar-tensor theories in the reheating period, AV.EXT


    The present project aims to nd possible sources of instabilities in theories with non-minimal derivative couplings (NMDC), that can give us a new insight of inationary models. Scalar-tensor theories are non-trivial extensions of the Einstein gravity giving interesting modications to the standard theory in both small and large distances. We will consider a gravity theory which includes a...

  • The Zariski's approach for resolution of singularities, AV.EXT


    The main goal of this academic visit is to study applications of the Zariski's approach to resolution of singularities of an algebraic variety to different types of singularities. The visiting researcher has recognized experience in both algebra and theory of singularities. In particular, his contribution to the local uniformization problem has been useful to understand singularities fr...

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Completed scholarships abroad ( A ) (most recent)

  • Rapid prototyping and validation of next generation wearable sensors for personal health monitoring, BE.EP.IC


    This project will involve close interaction with team members (specialist mechanical and electronic engineers, analytical chemists, and microfluidics engineers) who are working on developing autonomous sensors for the non-invasive detection of sodium levels in sweat. Depleted or elevated levels of sodium in sweat can signal a range of conditions including dehydration, exercise associate...

  • Rapid prototyping of next generation microfluidic sensing platforms, BE.EP.IC


    Sensing platforms targeting chemical and biological parameters are currently far too expensive and complex to enable scalability similar to that witnessed with physical sensors like thermistors and movement detectors. The complexity arises from the need to handle liquid samples that are often hostile in terms of their effect on the sensor and the instrument. The way forward requires si...

  • Data-driven city model representation and analysis using visual and non-visual information, BE.EP.IC


    Thanks to the advent and widespread of new technologies, data are generated all the time, in many forms and from many sources. In particular, cities daily generate a huge amount of data such as from surveillance cameras, demographic statistics and tax revenues. Such data can be efficiently employed to build a city model, where semantic information can be extracted and future events can ...

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Ongoing scholarships abroad ( A ) (most recent)

  • Quantum group symmetries for A_(2n-1)^(2) models, BE.EP.DR


    The project concerns the study of quantum group symmetries for the A_(2n-1)^(2) integrable open spin chains and the completeness of their Bethe ansatz solutions. Our conjecture is that the transfer matrix relative to two different boundary conditions for these models have symmetries U_q(C_n) and U_q(D_n). (AU)

  • Beyond the walls: changes in penal rationality in Brazil, BE.EP.DR


    This research proposal aims at investigating the current changes in the ways of thinking and conceiving the penal practices, related to the recent development of the electronic monitoring of offenders in Brazil. The formulation of new penal measures beyond detention, the increasing involvement of private capital in the administration of punishment and the impacts of technological develo...

  • Catalytic synthesis of Type II polyketides via Hydrogen-Mediated C-C bond formation, BE.EP.PD


    The project in question refers to the synthesis of type II polyketides employing methodologies developed in the group of Prof. Krische. The research group of Prof. Krische has specialized in C-H functionalization of alcohols and unsaturated systems, mediated by organometallic osmium, ruthenium and iridium, generating coupled products with high complexity. Unlike traditional approaches t...

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Completed scholarships in Brazil ( A ) (most recent)

See more Completed scholarships in Brazil ( A ) (Only some records are available in English at this moment)

Ongoing scholarships in Brazil ( A ) (most recent)

See more Ongoing scholarships in Brazil ( A ) (Only some records are available in English at this moment)

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