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Regenerative medicine aiming at therapy for chronic degenerative diseases (cancer and diabetes)

Genomics, Epigenomics and pharmacogenomics characterization of familial hypercholesterolemia in the brazilian population

Vibrational spectroscopy with spatial resolution

Platelets at the interface of immunity, inflammation and hemostasis modulation in leptospirosis

Widllife in agricultural landscapes: patterns and processes

Malignant neoplasms of the 18 cities of Barretos regional health district (RhD), São Paulo, Brazil: the importance of a Population-Based Cancer Registry

Probabilistic and algebraic aspects of smooth dynamical systems

How do structural changes of dairy proteins affect the functionality of bioactive compounds in complex food matrices?

Morphological and molecular systematics and biogeography of Mygalomorph spiders of Atlantic Forest

Cell metabolism, microbiota and immune system: new paradigms in renal diseases physiopathology

ANTIBIO-BAC: exploring the bacterial cell wall as a target for novel antibiotherapies

The relation between toric geometry, theory of local blow-ups and ramification theory and their applications in valuation theory

The differentiable manifolds of the electronic structure theory

Investigation on the mechanisms underlying brown adipose tissue/liver crosstalk for the regulation of hepatic de novo lipogenesis and glucose production

Miniature Characiformes (Teleostei: Ostariophysi): evolution, diversity and biogeography

Formation and properties of hemiesters of carbonic acid in aqueous medium

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