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Study and application of electrochemical technology for the analysis and degradation of endocrine interferents: materials, sensors, processes and scientific dissemination

APC as an entry point to study small molecule regulation of the cell cycle

Multiferroic and ferroelectric materials for energy converters: synthesis, properties, phenomenology and applications

Agriculture, micro/nanotechnology and environment: from evaluation of the mechanisms of action to studies of transport and toxicity

Transition to sustainability and agriculture-energy-water nexus: exploring an integrated approach with case studies in the Cerrado and Caatinga

Identification and characterization of membrane proteins involved in iron transport and metabolism in Leishmania

Brazil, the Americas and the world: public opinion and foreign policy

New topological states of matter under extreme conditions

Time series, wavelets and high dimensional data

Oxidation of aliphatic C-H bonds catalyzed by transition metals

New theoretical tools for the understanding and optimization of emergent phases of matter in complex materials

Entanglement, bell nonlocality, and physical principles for quantum theory

BIOTA-FAPESP Program in basic education: possibilities for curricular integration

Atomistic simulations of electrochemistry

Development of new tools for search and validation of molecular targets for therapy against Plasmodium vivax

Strategic practices for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions in grassland systems of the Brazilian Southeast

Peoples, plants and landscapes in Amazônia

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